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Even More About Me

Because connecting with your therapist is even more important

I sometimes think that finding a therapist can sometimes be like online dating. 


Swipe left, swipe right… sometimes there are too many choices but then sometimes not so much.


Honestly… I hate the idea of online dating, so I know you must hate the idea of finding a therapist simply by browsing through their websites.


Well, instead of calling around a bunch of people and trying to figure that out, I figured, giving you as much information as possible up front might help.


So here is a bit about me outside of the therapy room.

Jessica Jefferson Therapist in Ft. Lauderdale


BEING A THERAPIST ISN'T MY ONLY JOB. For me, working in the therapy room is something I love doing. When I leave the office, I am not going home to relax. I am putting in hours on my other job: being a wife and mom. 


I have been with my husband since 2007 (dang… that’s a long time) and we have two kids, a boy and a girl. I also have two other loves in my house, our dog Karma and my niece. (Plus my angel puppy Curtis). So we are a family of 6 and it is exhausting. Love them to pieces, but they are exhausting LOL.


I ENJOY COMIC BOOKS & POP CULTURE. My house is filled with comic book stuff and if you ever see me out in the world, there is a high likelihood that I am wearing comic book sweatpants. In my defense, they are extremely comfortable. 

I like the idea of what superheroes represent and the internal struggle they face. I find it extremely fascinating from a therapist perspective, plus I like to think that we all have a bit of some superhero inside of us. 

MY OUTLET IS VIDEO GAMES. I have a very toxic relationship with Mario from Super. Mario Bros., but I continue with it because it gives me that ability to not have to think and just play. I did have to quit Call of Duty because that became too toxic LOL.


CRUISING IS MY MAIN FORM OF VACATIONING. I LOVE a good deal and I think cruises are the ultimate vacation deal. You have your hotel, food, drinks, and activities all in one place. That is my type of vacation!!! I know for some it can seem a bit old school, but don’t knock it until you try it!


I AM CURIOUS ABOUT LEARNING NEW THINGS. I have an adventurous spirit and am down to try most new things. Even skydiving! I like it when a client talks about some new place that I haven’t heard of or a new show that I should watch. If I have the time, I am sure to try it. 


Plus I think my clients have a lot to teach me too, so I love to learn more from them.

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