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Relationship Counseling


Learning to love the #singlelife with swag

Couples Counseling for Singles

Can you fix a broken heart?

The weight of your heart feels like a ton of bricks that you can’t simply shake off. Your family and friends tell you that you are better off and you will find someone else, but you aren’t sure if you will ever recover.


It’s been weeks since your break up and you still feel like shit. There are no other words to describe it other than that. You scroll through Instagram looking at all your friends who are engaged, pregnant or snuggled up with their boo while you are sitting home, alone. You may even secretly scroll through your ex’s feed, just to see if they have moved on. You don’t want to know but at the same time you do.


The suspense feels like a thousand knives through your heart.


You hope to get back together someday but that may not happen. People tell you that it’s not worth it, you deserve better...but you doubt that you can ever really find someone else. You may also not want anyone else. 


Plus... you question who could love you. Who would want you? 


Here’s what you need to know.


In order to receive love, you must first love yourself and learn who you are (your wants, needs and desires).

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How can therapy help?

Loving yourself is the first step to figuring out who you want to be with and what type of relationship you want for the future. Plus when you love you yourself, you feel confident. Confident enough to put yourself out there and that attracts the RIGHT kind of person to you. 


I can help you to love yourself again. To make your heart whole and full. The process won’t be easy, but you can do it.


You just need to be open. So that you can heal the wounds of your past in order to look at your present and build up the future that you want. 

Turn heartbreak into healing

Let’s be honest, you need to build a future without all that baggage of your past. 


Keep it real, that baggage has been weighing you down for a while. Even before this recent breakup. You have been trying to avoid it, trying to “take care” of it, or simply forgetting about it until it comes back to you out of nowhere. 


Take this opportunity to give yourself the chance to make things about you. You deserve it. You need it. 

Relationship Issues

This time isn’t about your exes or trying to keep up with your Facebook feed, but about you. 


How can you turn this break up into a new relationship with yourself? 


Simple... with guidance. 

How therapy for singles can help

I have guided the heartbroken, confused, and downright depressed to become more confident, clear, and ready to embrace their #SingleLife.


A single life where you have confidence and strength to no longer care about your relationship status. Where you realize that this is the best time of your life because it is finally about what you want. To put it simply, instead of shacking up with a new boo giving you the opportunity to improve the relationship with yourself with swag and ease. 


So let’s get your swag back. 

Can you imagine that? 


Walking into a room, not caring what others think because you know you GOT THIS. Well you might care, just a little bit... but only to get that validation that you are beaming confidence. 


Now imagine walking into a room where a certain someone may see what they missed. That confident you. We all know that having confidence makes you more appealing than a new haircut or a fresh pair of kicks. 


So what are you waiting for? Call me NOW so we can give you that swag/confident you back out there! 

Dealing with a breakup
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


It is hard to really visualize what therapy is going to look like and how it works. To make it easy, I want to let you know what to expect. 


The first few sessions are really for me to get to know you better. So understand that it is a process before we really start to work.


The first session is a lot of word vomit because I am trying to get a sense of everything that is going on and really go through some of the “standard” questions. These questions are for me to gauge where you are and where you want to go.


For the second session, I do like to get a bit of history. To start unpacking your baggage, I need to know what I am working with.


The third session is where we start building tools to help you in your vision. 


Now, there may be hurdles. There may be times where you feel uncomfortable talking about things. That is ok. It is expected. I am mindful that this process can be emotionally exhausting, but remember it is necessary. 


Once you start to see changes, I will reduce your sessions so that you can start to put those tools to use. The more open, honest, and vulnerable you are in the process, the more results you will start to see. Eventually, we will come to a point where therapy has done its job and it is time for you spread your wings and FLY (LOL)! 

#SingleLife TOPICS

Previous relationship issues 

In order for us to figure out what is happening now, it is necessary for me to break down your relationship patterns. This way we can figure out what you need to avoid or what you need to look for in a future partner. 

Your current relationship questions

Getting your relationship questions answered can help to determine you needs, wants, and desires. Also, sometimes it helps to figure out if things are unhealthy or healthy relationship patterns. I would also be able to provide additional resources for you to checkout like podcasts, books, websites, etc based on your specific needs.


Types of relationships 

It is also important to talk about other relationships that exist in your life like family and friends. Understanding our roles in these types of relationships can help us understand more about changes we need to make outside of romantic endeavors to build a better support system. 


Self-Care and Boundaries

One of the biggest challenges I find with clients is that they aren’t taking care of themselves. They often place priority in others and therefore, can feel overwhelmed by the expectations of others. It is important to talk about what is needed for self-care and creating boundaries in order for change to be long-lasting and beneficial.



Relationship Counseling

Frequently Asked Questions



This is the perfect time to truly think about yourself and what you want in a relationship. Whether you get back with your ex or not, it is important to think about what was working or not working for YOU, so you don’t end up making the same mistake. 


I am sure that you would want to be in a better situation versus a scenario that will bring about this much pain again.


So take this time to devote to yourself, to learn more about who YOU are outside of a relationship so that you can keep that same level of confidence and swag when you go back into a relationship. 





It’s never too soon to give me a call, but honestly sometimes it can be too late. 


Meaning that it’s easier and faster to get to where you want to go in the beginning stages of the process versus when you have pushed yourself too far down the rabbit hole. It’s a much bigger climb to get out.


Why wait? Why put yourself last, when this is your chance to put yourself first! 


Together we can help create that person you have always wanted to be. We can work together to figure out who you are so that you can live a life with confidence. 





Ummm... heartbreak is a REAL problem. A problem and pain you don’t have to face alone! 


You finally have the opportunity to talk to someone who will listen, without judgement, without shade, without negativity... so why wouldn’t therapy be for you? 


Isn’t that all you have wanted? To feel like someone understands you and wants to help you feel better again?


Of course that is what you want! You can get that. You just have to think more about where you want to be versus where you are now. 


I know it hurts...and I can’t lie...we will have to talk about that pain, but only to make you heal. 


I am sure that is a REAL solution that you want. 

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