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Anxiety Therapist


Heal from

I work with individuals who are ready to learn more from their heartbreak so that they can break their relationship patterns and find fulfillment in their romantic relationships.

Free yourself from

I work with individuals who are ready to free themselves from the struggle of depression  so that they can make positive changes for themselves, their relationships and their life.

Find Strength from

I specialize working with individuals who want to stop questioning themselves so that they can find their inner strength to live their lives as they want. Without guilt.

Let go of

I work with moms who want to redefine what motherhood looks like for them so that they are free of the expectations, guilt, and anxiety. 

Find Your

I work with young adults looking for guidance on who they are and what they want out of life, so that they can create a more authentic future.


I provide online counseling for Florida residents who seek change on their terms, on their schedule, and without limits. 

Build Your Ideal

As a Prepare Enrich Facilitator, I help engaged couples create the blueprint for the marriage that they want.

Reconnect in Your

I have extensive training in helping couples improve their communication and connection so that they feel excited and fulfilled again.

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