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Depression Therapy


When shit got you down, I’m here to help you get back up.

Don't let depression drag you down

Getting out of bed is the biggest challenge you face every day because you feel like once your feet hit the floor, life is already too much to handle. You are already anticipating everything hitting you at once and you just rather lay in bed then having to go through it anymore. 


It’s easier to shut everything out because it’s simple. It feels better. You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations or feel like a burden anymore. You can simply lie there and let it be.   


The bed is also a safe place. Even though your feel drained both physically and mentally, your bed is your safety bubble. You aren’t sleeping but at least you are in your safety zone. Your mind is racing but you are protected. 


Your safety zone protects you from feeling broken and empty. It allows you to feel in control because you no longer have to face the endless list of responsibilities. 

You can just be. You don’t have to drag yourself to do things throughout the day. You no longer have to put on a show for anyone else. Your safety zone doesn’t care and you try not to care too.

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It's Time to Stop Lying to Yourself

You try to tell yourself that you will be ok. You try to pretend that things are ok, but they really aren’t. You try to be the person you want to be, but it is too much. You try to build up the courage to get up, but fear keeps you down.

Don't let fear hold you back

Fear that the day will just be too much. People will want to much from you. You will want too much from yourself. Everyone will be disappointed. So why even get up? 


You get up only because you know that can’t be in your safety zone forever. Especially since your bed isn’t going to pay your bills, feed you or run errands. 


You have to. Problem is... you don’t want to. You don’t want to because you are tired. You don’t want to feel like this anymore. 


It is easy to stay in your safety zone because feelings don’t matter. 


Once your feet hit the ground, your safety zone is compromised. Nothing feels right. Everything comes at you and the weight you were avoiding swiftly gets back onto your shoulders. The downward spiral has started and you don’t know how to stop it, at least not until you can get back to your safe spot.

It's Time for Change

I get it. 


There are days where I have been there, it isn’t fun but it feels safe.


For now. 


What if I told you that I can help you feel safe outside of your bed?


That the days of feelings hopeless and helpless can seem like a distant memory?


Together we can do it. 


Together we can tame that downward spiral. We can create a better lifestyle. A lifestyle that is clear of the dark clouds and the dark thoughts. 


It is a journey. A journey that is not just about changing your thoughts but also about changing the things that bring you down. You know...what you have tossed aside because you don’t feel important. 


You are important. You matter. Those things you tossed aside, well they matter too because they make you feel happy. Feel healthy. Feel better. 


You just didn’t realize it, so you neglected them. You neglected them because you rather care for others than take care of yourself, because taking care of other allows you to forget about your troubles. 

How therapy for depression can help

Depression Therapy Broward County

It is time to stop neglecting yourself. 


You deserve someone to listen to you. Someone to help you without expecting much in return. Someone who won’t judge, criticize, or comment on what you should do better or what you did wrong. Someone who can offer you a space to feel heard, comforted and acknowledged. 


I am here. Now is the time. Time for you to take care of yourself and to get what you want out of life…outside of your bed. 

Now is the time to start your journey to self-worth. You know you are ready but don’t let that dark cloud stand in your way. 


That dark cloud has been there way too long, it’s time to take away its power and control. 


It is time to get you feeling more like yourself outside of your safety zone.


Scratch that... it’s time to get you to a place where you are your own safety zone. 


A safety zone that looks like confidence, strength, and perseverance.


We can start this journey to confidence. 


Imagine that. 


Imagine gaining those things that we take for granted. To finally have peace of mind. To finally have that swag back. 


You can have that... and more! 


All you have to do is pick up the phone and call. I am ready to give you the tools you have been waiting for. Don’t wait any longer. 

Depression Therapist


It is hard to really visualize what therapy is going to look like and how it works. To make it easy, I want to let you know what to expect. 


The first few sessions are really for me to get to know you better. So understand that it is a process before we really start to work.


The first session is a lot of word vomit because I am trying to get a sense of everything that is going on and really go through some of the “standard” questions. These questions are for me to gauge where you are and where you want to go.


For the second session, I do like to get a bit of history. To start unpacking your baggage, I need to know what I am working with.


The third session is where we start building tools to help you in your vision. 


Now, there may be hurdles. There may be times where you feel uncomfortable talking about things. That is ok. It is expected. I am mindful that this process can be emotionally exhausting, but remember it is necessary. 


Once you start to see changes, I will reduce your sessions so that you can start to put those tools to use. The more open, honest, and vulnerable you are in the process, the more results you will start to see. Eventually, we will come to a point where therapy has done its job and it is time for you spread your wings and FLY (LOL)! 


Depression Symptoms

Everyone experiences depression differently. For most people, they experience intense sadness, lack of motivation, random mood swings, loss of interest in things that once made us happy, sleep issues, etc. Together we will talk about the most pressing symptoms, like things that impact your physical health first and then go through everything else in order of severity. Usually when we tackle the physical symptoms first, some of the other issues subside. 


Depression Treatment

There are different types of treatments for depression. I utilize cognitive-behavioral (CBT) approaches as well as a solution-based approach. Within those treatments, we will tackle thoughts, behaviors, and emotions to help find you relief from your depression symptoms. I may also recommend outside tools to help. In some cases, not all, we may discuss medication to help alleviate your depressive moods. I honor my client’s decision on how they feel about taking medication, however, if everything around a client has improved but their mood has not changed, it is something we do discuss. That is usually in cases where I have been seeing a client for an extended period and/or there are safety concerns. 


Depression vs. Anxiety

Depression and anxiety often get linked together and that is because a lot of their symptoms are very similar. The way I differentiate depression and anxiety is the emotional component. Depression is an intense feeling of sadness, where anxiety is intense feeling of fear and/or worry. Often you can be experiencing both, but it is important to separate the two when necessary.


How Depression Effects Your Relationships

Depression can impact all different types of relationships, especially since most people tend to isolate when they feel sad. It is important to understand how depression impacts your relationships and who we have in our support system. Through therapy we can talk about how to change your relationships in both our low and high periods. 


Coping Mechanisms

When we feel depressed, we often stop doing the things that makes us feel happy. Not only that, but we also stop taking care of ourselves. As we start talking about how depression impacts you, we will also start a dialogue of what we can do when these moments pop up. Having proper coping mechanisms to combat depression can help keep it at bay and increase your overall happiness.


Depression Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions


Therapy is a GREAT option to help those that want to stop feeling like they have a rock... no a mountain... on their back every day. Together we can work to chip away at that mountain, so you can begin to sign. 


Therapy will give you the space to let go of your deepest fear, insecurity and worry so that you can finally feel free and BREATHE! 




Medication is often a viable choice for many individuals suffering from depression. However, many don’t know that therapy in combination with prescribed medication can help produce long lasting results. 


If you are thinking about or are currently on medication, seeking therapeutic help is often highly recommended by the medical community to work in conjunction with your prescription.


If medication isn’t for you…that’s ok too. 


Not everyone needs to be on medication to help with depression. Together we can see which option is better suited for you!





I truly believe that those who seeking therapy are the strongest individuals out there. It means that you know who you are and what you want out of life. It also means that no matter what other people say or think, your well-being is most important.


There is NOTHING wrong or broken about that. 

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Therapy for depression

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