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Therapy for Young Adults


When being an adult isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 

Being an adult ... sucks

You finally made it. After 18+ years of being under your parents ruling,  you finally are in a place that means something. You are starting to feel like you are finally out there in the world. 


.... but the world isn’t quite fitting into what you imagined. 


You envisioned something bigger. You thought you had things figured out, but something doesn’t feel right. 


Your classes are ok, they could be better. Your living situation is ok, that could be better too. Your work, well its work.


Everything just seems...ok.


You feel off. 


Something is off. 


Maybe everything is off.


Where do you go from here? Who do you go to?


Your parents are just excited to see you “doing something” with your life, so you know they probably won’t be much help. Your friends seem to have their stuff together so why burden them? Siblings, cousins, co-workers, they all got their own things to worry about.


So you bury it. 


It will just magically get better somehow, right? 


Or maybe it’s just the jitters. You know being anxious about something new. That should wear off... eventually.... but when? 


I will be honest, sometimes it can be anxiety about a new situation but sometimes it is much more than that.

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No one is prepared fully to be an adult

Being an “adult” is a big transition. It is that “launching” point in your life. When you are launching into independence. You have waited for this moment your whole teenage life, to be independent, doing what you want.   


You just never realized that all the decisions you make from this moment in mean so much. You are just deciding your future. No biggie, right? 


And of course you are going to pick the perfect thing and be happy and never question yourself.... right? 

How therapy can help you figure out what you want

You tell yourself not to worry because you will figure it out eventually. It’s not like you have a ticking countdown clock in the back of your mind or money being wasted. Oh wait... you do. 


That’s just another burden you carry. 


Listen, it’s ok to question and to be unsure. This is the BEST time to question everything! You just need someone to help you through your questions. Someone who is going to help guide you in the direction that is going to feel right. 


You just have to ask for it. I have helped many people who are struggling to figure out their next step and questioning where to go next, sometimes even themselves. Together we sit down to figure it out. 


Now is the time to do so. 


Together we can figure it out so that clicking countdown in your mind can finally just STOP. 


Plus, we can make use of the investment you are putting into yourself so that you can reap the rewards later. 

Because... I get it. 


I have been there. 


I understand that adulting is its own art form and sometimes you have to produce crap before you get to your true masterpiece. The masterpiece being what you really being for your future.


So if you want to feel better about your decisions and feel secure about your future, now is the time to do something about it.


Don’t waste your time, money and energy into something that isn’t going to make you happier in the long run. Make a change for yourself and your future by calling me TODAY. 

Young Adult Therapy
Licensed therapist


It is hard to really visualize what therapy is going to look like and how it works. To make it easy, I want to let you know what to expect. 


The first few sessions are really for me to get to know you better. So understand that it is a process before we really start to work.


The first session is a lot of word vomit because I am trying to get a sense of everything that is going on and really go through some of the “standard” questions. These questions are for me to gauge where you are and where you want to go.


For the second session, I do like to get a bit of history. To start unpacking your baggage, I need to know what I am working with.


The third session is where we start building tools to help you in your vision. 


Now, there may be hurdles. There may be times where you feel uncomfortable talking about things. That is ok. It is expected. I am mindful that this process can be emotionally exhausting, but remember it is necessary. 


Once you start to see changes, I will reduce your sessions so that you can start to put those tools to use. The more open, honest, and vulnerable you are in the process, the more results you will start to see. Eventually, we will come to a point where therapy has done its job and it is time for you spread your wings and FLY (LOL)! 


Career Paths

If you are questioning what you want to do, therapy can help you visualize what you want for your future and help you create objective/goals to get you there. 


Relationships (family, friends and romantic)

Our relationships shift as we grow older. It is important to understand when a relationship is healthy or when it has turned toxic and is no longer fulfilling you. With therapy, we can discuss what healthy relationship patterns look like and how to maintain good relationships to strengthen your future. 



Sometimes it is hard to come to terms when our moods have shifted into depression. When working with a licensed therapist, you can understand the signs and symptoms of depression while learning coping mechanisms to help you feel more fulfilled. To learn more about depression and how therapy can help -> CLICK HERE!



Anxiety is very common for young adults, especially when we deal with the expectations that other people place on us. It can impact the way we sleep, eat, feel and how we deal with others. Therapy can help you organize your racing thoughts to help you find peace within the chaos around us. To learn more about how anxiety impacts you and how therapy can help -> CLICK HERE!


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Frequently Asked Questions


My office hours are extremely flexible for those in school. I offer morning, afternoon and evening slots to serve a wide range of clients. Plus, I have the ability to see you online so the options are always there. 


I have worked with countless college students, so I understand how midterms, essay, etc. can creep up and sometimes having to come to the office can be rough. Been there, done that. That’s why I love to offer online counseling sessions to help. 




Let me ask you this. Are you struggling to figure out what makes you happy? Worried that you might make the wrong choice and regret it forever? Maybe you are worried that if you do change you major now that you will be stuck in school forever?


These are all valid concerns that we can discuss during our sessions.


I have worked with many clients to help them find their passion, I can do the same for you! 




If your parents wish to pay for your sessions, we would just have to fill out an additional form that would allow me to bill them for your services and that you authorize me to let them know when you come in for a session.


What we talk about within our sessions remains confidential, so your parents have no right or access to that information, unless YOU authorize me to disclose. No matter if they say “pretty please.” 


I take confidentiality very seriously because I want all my clients to feel safe and secure when they come to my office, no matter who foots the bill. So you don’t have to worry, my lips are sealed. 


Plus kudos for having awesome parents!! 




I personally think it’s AWESOME, that you want to help your child out. As a parent myself, I understand the feeling of not wanting to see our children struggle.

I am open to talking with you about how I can help, but in order for growth and change to start, your child has to be on board. Especially since we don’t want them to feel pushed into coming in...that doesn’t really help the therapeutic relationship. 

It’s important to me that my clients feel comfortable and open about therapy. What can often happen when a parent calls to schedule a session for their adult child (not that we willingly do this) is they may get the impression that something was said to paint a negative picture of them or that there could be bias. That wouldn’t be a good feeling to start off our sessions.  

Therefore, I encourage you and all parents to talk to your kids about just setting up a phone call with me to talk before you call. I offer a free 15 minute consultation to see if therapy is a good fit. Let them no there is no obligation to come in if they don’t feel comfortable or ready. 

I applaud you for taking the time to research. You are doing a good job! 

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Your information is used for the sole purpose of scheduling your FREE 15 minute consultation with the therapist.

Thanks for submitting! **Please check your inbox (sometimes your JUNK/SPAM folder) in about 5 - 10 minutes for us to schedule a call. 

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