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#RenewDocMcStuffins for Kids EVERYWHERE!

So I recently saw a post about whether Doc McStuffins would be renewed since it wasn't necessarily picked up for a new season.

Now as a parent, it bothered me. I like Doc McStuffins. It happens to be a show that I don't mind watching with my son because let's be honest, some shows are just too hard to sit through, especially when your child wants to continuously watch them back to back.

As time passes and I go through my normal routine I begin to see the OUTRAGE, and I started to wonder where is all of this coming from. So I put on my therapist hat and a lightbulb came off in my head. Doc McStuffins teaches kids ESSENTIAL lessons that they simply don't get from other shows. I am hoping this gets passed along because Doc McStuffins is revolutionary for this generation in these 4 ways.

1. She has real-world applications and lessons: When you watch Doc McStuffins your kids leave with REAL skills that they need for their social and physical needs, in a way that they can retain. Like being clean, respectful and more importantly to LOVE yourself!

2. She teaches kids to go after their passion, even at a young age: Doc McStuffins hopes to become a doctor one day, just like her mom. So for now she learns about how to be a good doctor, granted for stuff animals and toys but she knows a lot more medical jargon that I didn't know at that age...even right now! She also teaches kids to learn more about what drives them and not to let your age get in the way of your dreams...lessons we can still use as adults. Her passion and drive are so clear that she gets the attention of FLOTUS (yes, Doc meets Michelle Obama!)

3. She provides a voice for kids of color: not since Dora have we had a kid's show that displayed an underrepresented population as the main character. If I had to choose between Doc and Dora, hands down I would choose McStuffins because my son takes away a lot more at the end of EACH episode. Granted, I like Dora because she teaches my son Spanish, but after a while you just get tired of Swiper continuously trying to swipe stuff.

4. Parents are actually displayed on a regular basis: this may sound strange to you, but think about it...what YOUNG kids show displays the parents on a regular basis and emphasizes the need for them to remain visible for their safety? Whenever Doc goes out, even to the backyard, a parent makes sure to emphasize that she remains visible. It may not be a "big deal," but for me I would like kids to know that they just can't run rampant whenever or wherever they want.

Oh and let's talk about it being a two-parent household where mom seems to be the bread maker. Somewhat "revolutionary" (and I say that with some hint of sarcasm, because moms making money it not new), concept to bring to a kids show. But it also gives a voice to dads by saying "Hey I know how to take care of my children and I am more than capable of doing so, without mom."

Also the parents make sure to allow Doc to work towards her dreams and not knock her down for doing so at a young age. They also make sure to give her the necessary tools and lessons that will make her the doctor she wants to be someday.

Doc McStuffins provides a voice for kids of color, but also provides valuable lessons for kids of ALL colors. So why get rid of such a monumental show??

So this is the end of my soap box! Hopefully Disney Jr. doesn't disappoint the MANY Doc McStuffins fans including myself!

Written by: Jessica Jefferson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Perinatal Mental Health Counselor and Owner of Cloud Nine Therapeutic Services. My passion is helping moms let go of the expectations before then, redefine motherhood and find themselves again within the chaos. I am here when you are ready to start your journey.

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